Boy Scout troop on Santa Catalina Island, California.

Abstract/Description: Image shows scene with a members of Boy Scout Troop #274, founded in 1936 as the first troop established in Palos Verdes, during voyage to Catalina Island executed on the gaff-rigged ketch, "Cachalot." Two scout groups are in two wooden dinghys in calm waters, with a rock visible in background. Identified in the far dinghy are, left to right: 1. Bill Gilmore; 2. Curt Burks; and 3. Basil Gwyther. Identified in the near boat are: 1. John Bradbury; 2. [unidentified]; 3. Jim Walker; 4. Pete Killefer; 5. [unidentified]; 6. Marshall Stewart (in water); 7. [unidentified]; 8. A.J. Field; 9. Kenneth Highley; 10. John Bauman; 11. Peter Cullins; 12. [unidentified.]
Subject(s): Boy Scouts
Santa Catalina Island (Calif.)
Portraits, Group
Armstrong, James
Bauman, John
Bradbury, John
Burks, Curt
Carter, Robert
Cullins, Peter
Field, Almeron J.
Gilmore, William
Gwyther, Basil
Highley, Kenneth
Killefer, Pete
Steward, Marshall
Walker, James
Date Created: 1936-00-00