"Bubbles and Her Hat, Marineland of the Pacific"

Abstract/Description: Color postcard shows Bubbles the Pilot Whale vertically leaping from water towards a 'hat' which is a flower-filled white life-preserver ring. The 'hat' is held by a man dressed in all white while in front of an audience seen in the background. Postcard printed on reverse with "Wearing a large flowery hat during one of her acts in the Whale Show, Bubbles proves that female pilot whales can be just as vain as any young girl." "GW-61A" "MCMLX by Geo. E. Watson, Color Photographer." "Mirro-Krome Card by H.S. Crocker Co., Inc., Los Angeles 21, Calif. / Publ. & Distr. By 'Golden West' Color Card Co., 2583 Maine Ave., L.B. 6, Calif."