Slides of Peninsula Archaeological Sites

This collection of slides by an anonymous donor documents archaeological sites and artifacts found on at least four sites on the Peninsula including Lunada Bay and Malaga Cove in the 1960s.

The Lunada Bay site, located roughly at the current intersection of Paseo Del Mar and Via Oleadas started in July 1961 and ended approximately one month later. The site was led by University of Southern California archeologist Dr. William Wallace. Tools used by native Americans dating from 1000 or 2000 BC were earthed.

The Malaga Cove slides document a site located near 2109 Rosita Place. The site was a joint excavation with Dr. William Wallace, Dr. Charles Rozaire of the Los Angels County Museum, Dr. Hal Eberhardt of Los Angeles State College, and members of the Archaeological Research Associates. Hundreds of artifacts and three burial sites were discovered.

Thanks to archaeologist Dr. Paul G. Chace for additional information on the archaeological sites.