Group of city officials in City Park, Redondo.

Abstract/Description: Image shows full-length view of six men in City Park (later known as Veterans Park), Redondo Beach, after dedication of the newly opened Pacific Coast Highway, which was celebrated with a parade and 300-car caravan that began in San Pedro and terminated in Redondo Beach. Identified, left to right, are: 1. Dr. R.G. Whitlock of San Pedro; 2. O.R.C. Grow of San Pedro; 3. James C. Rous, Jr. of Palos Verdes; 4. David B. London (Mayor of Redondo Beach, 1926-1928) (shaking hands with) 5. Jay Lawyer, General Manager of Palos Verdes; and 6. George Gibbs, Jr. of Palos Verdes.
Subject(s): Rous, James C., Jr. (1878-1964)
Whitlock, R.G., Dr.
Grow, O.R.C.
Gibbs, George, Jr.
Lawyer, Jay
Portraits, Group
London, David B.
Date Created: 1926-07-31