Malaga Cove School children, Palos Verdes Estates, California

Abstract/Description: Image shows group portrait of school boys from Malaga Cove School, located at 385 Via Almar in Malaga Cove. The boys are holding a puzzle map of the United States, which they the cut out and fitted together. Identified, left to right, are: 1. Joe Tytus; 2. Dann Hough; 3. Bob Gardner; 4. Tom Davis; 5. Tod Snelgrove; 6. Melroy Hodge; 7. Galen Bartmus; 8. Bill Bleeker; and 9. Walfred Runston.
Subject(s): Malaga Cove School (Palos Verdes Estates, Calif.)
Schools--California--Palos Verdes Estates
School children
Portraits, Group
Bartmus, Galen
Bleeker, William
Davis, Tom
Gardner, Robert
Hodge, Melroy
Hough, Dann
Snelgrove, Tod
Tytus, Joseph
Walfred, Runston
Date Created: 1931-04-00