Diorama of Palos Verdes, California.

Abstract/Description: Image shows interior view of unidentified office building with diorama of Palos Verdes under construction. A man in long-sleeved shirt and tie is sitting on the model in the foreground, with coastal elevation visible. Several men, office workers and display cases are visible in background. Diorama created by James Tillworth (“J.T.”) Edwards, geographer, artist and fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. The model was constructed in E.G. Lewis’ offices in Atascadero in 1921, and transported to Los Angeles for display in January 1922. Howard H. Towle (1891-1972), an early salesperson in the Palos Verdes Project, notes in his oral history (Palos Verdes Local History Room, p. 3) at having seen the model installed in the Auditorium Building (also known as the Temple Auditorium) on Fifth Street and Olive across from Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles.
Subject(s): Diorama--California--Palos Verdes
Date Created: 1921-00-00