Malaga Cove School Council Meeting, Palos Verdes Estates, California

Abstract/Description: Image shows group portrait of members of the Malaga Cove School Council, meeting at the school located at 385 Via Almar in Malaga Cove. The council, which met weekly and was comprised of faculty, and student repersentatives from each grade at the school, are seated along a long table. Members are identified, clockwise from front left, as: 1. Harriet Sebelius; 2. Boyd Comstock Jr.; 3. Keegan Low; 4. Miss Helene Boughton; 5. Betsy Martin; 6. Eleanor Mills; 7. Dorothy Faulkner; 8. Harry Martin; 9. Billy Adolph; 10. Spencer Taylor; 11. Richard Yarnell; 12. Ellis Yarnell; 13. Miss Edna Sprung.
Subject(s): Malaga Cove School (Palos Verdes Estates, Calif.)
Schools--California--Palos Verdes Estates
School children
Portraits, Group
Adolph, William
Boughton, Helene
Comstock, Boyd, Jr.
Faulkner, Dorothy
Low, Keegan
Martin, Harry
Mills, Eleanor
Sebelius, Harriet
Sprung, Edna W.
Swanson, Betsy Martin
Taylor, Spencer
Yarnell, Ellis
Yarnell, Richard
Date Created: 1928-07-00