Four Women in Costume next to Neptune Statue, Malaga Cove Plaza, Palos Verdes Estates, California

Abstract/Description: Image shows view looking southwest with four women dressed in Spanish costumes with fringed shawls, standing on steps of the King Neptune sculpture in Malaga Cove Plaza. The women are identified, left to right, as: 1. Mrs. Howard Towle; 2. Lovella Hodge (daughter of Frederick M. Hodge, Director of the Palos Verdes Homes Association, 1931); 3. Margaret Jane Towle (daughter of Gladys and Howard Towle); and 4. Frances Cheney (daughter of Charles H. Cheney, Palos Verdes City Planner and later Mrs. Sasman). Created by an unknown artist in the 17th century as a copy after the original 16th century bronze fountain by Giambologna, the sculpture was imported from Italy by the collector, Arnoldo Adolfo di Segni in the late 1920s, purchased from him by the Palos Verdes Project and dedicated in Malaga Plaza on February 16, 1930. The sculpture was restored and rededicated in 1969 and 1999.
Subject(s): Hodge, Lovella
Sasman, Frances Cheney
Towle, Gladys S.
Towle, Margaret Jane
Samuels, Homer
Malaga Cove (Palos Verdes Estates, Calif.)
Date Created: 1930-02-16