Malaga Cove School children, Palos Verdes Estates, California

Abstract/Description: Image shows group portrait of school children standing in front of the entrance to Malaga Cove School, located at 385 Via Almar in Malaga Cove. "With a staff of five teachers, the new playground apparatus set up and an enrollment of sixty-three children the first day, the Malaga Cove School on September 12th started its third year." [Palos Verdes Bulletin, October 1927, p. 4.] Identified are Yaeko Miki (small girl in very front), Harriet Sebelius (taller blond girl standing behind Yaeko), Tomiko Miki (front row, eighth from Yaeko with right hand on her chest), and Lovella Hodge (tall girl, back row, behind Tomiko's right shoulder.)
Subject(s): Malaga Cove School (Palos Verdes Estates, Calif.)
Schools--California--Palos Verdes Estates
School children
Portraits, Group
Hodge, Lovella
Miki, Tomiko
Miki, Yaeko
Sebelius, Harriet
Date Created: 1927-09-00