Peninsula Committee for the Los Angeles Philharmonic Music Mobile program - Hands on the instruments

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Abstract/Description: 'The students get hands on practice. They usually go to the strings because they can play those instruments. The precussion instruments get a lot of attention, too. When I lead a group, I like to split the students into four groups for the four families of instruments. I play the role of the conductor, telling the students how and when to play. [The students] use their bodies to make the sounds of rain (patting their thighs), thunder (stamping their feet), wind (blowing through their mouths) and lightening (clapping their hands). I like this approach because it gets the kids involved right from the get go. Pictured: Phillis Sherwood.'
Subject(s): Vista Grande Elementary School. Rancho Palos Verdes (Calif)
Date Created: 2016-03-11