Faculty of Palos Verdes College

Abstract/Description: Images shows Palos Verdes College faculty seated at a table in the library. Dr. Saunders is seated at the left front of the table. A staff member at the head of table has his back to the camera.
Subject(s): Howard, John
Saunders, Richard P.
Lee, Marvin A.
Lubbe, Louise C.
Regelin, Clinton
Cory, Mabel
Adair, Arthur B.
Sibley, Gladys
Whitehouse, Mary S.
:Pemberton, Lucia
Weir, Frank
Saunders, Dorothy O.
Fisher, Elizabeth W.
Jacobsen, Arthur D.
Watt, Ethel G.
Ransom, Jay E.
Kloke, Eloise E.
Date Created: 1949-12-11