My father's 60th birthday celebration

Abstract/Description: 'This photo is of my family taken for my father's 60th birthday. One's 60th birthday is very important in Korean culture. Longevity in the past was very poor, so to reach the age of 60 was cause for celebration. This image is also significant because my husband is the first Caucasian son-in-law in the family. He is from Boston. Pictured from left to right, Kenneth Kwon (contributor's brother), Deborah Kwon (contributor's sister-in-law), Oliver Kwon (contributor's brother), Rosa Kwon Easton (contributor), Mark Easton (contributor's husband), Jean Yoon Kwon (contributor's mother), David Soon Ho Kwon (contributor's father). Location: Korea Town, Los Angeles, CA'
Subject(s): Birthday parties
Portraits, Group
Date Created: 1996-11-17