The Duenes Family

Abstract/Description: 'This is my family photo. My parents are residents and all of their children grew up in PV and went to Malaga Cove Junior High School. The Duenes family moved to the Peninsula in 1974. The seniors still live in the same home and have watched the area grow from fields to homes and businesses. It is a lovely place to live. Pictured: Jennifer Duenes (contributor's sister-in-law), Michael Duenes (contributor's brother), Julia Stewart (contributor), Kent Stewart (contributor's husband), Elana Brown (contributor's sister), Eric Brown (contributor's brother-in-law), Steven Duenes (contributor's brother), Elijah Duenes (contributor's nephew), Dylan Duenes (contributor's nephew), Thelma Aaen (contributor's maternal grandmother), Edward Duenes (contributor's father), Julia Duenes (contributor's mother), Madison Stewart (contributor's daughter), Nathaniel Duenes (contributor's nephew), Georgia Duenes (contributor's niece) and Kathryn Stewart (contributor's daughter). Location: Off of Blackhorse, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.'
Subject(s): Portraits, Group
Rancho Palos Verdes (Calif.)
Date Created: 2015-08-00